Jenna Coleman and Richard Madden at the Game of Thrones Season 3 Premiere

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Do not argue with me; Robb Stark truly was the sexiest man in Westeros.

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'Romeo' -- Michelle/Richard -- M-rated RPF →


I promised I would keep writing them. Fluffy PWP and [to all seven hells with me] RPF, so keep out if it squicks you.

As for the rest of you: enjoy!

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Emilia Clarke, Richard Madden and Harry Lloyd for ES Magazine

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snubbedbytheacademy said: I saw your post about the quote from NY Daily News and the way they had their shooting schedule for Rains of Castamere last season Richard and Michelle had to leave the night they finished filming because filming was continuing right away the next day. I'm sure they timed it out a little better with Jack's last episode to give him a little bit better of a send off and not have to rush off to the next shoot. They just kinda learned how much of a big event it could be.

Okay, well this explains a lot. I wasn’t aware many had to rush off to the next shoot the VERY NEXT DAY. To be honest, I think it’s rather short-sighted of D&D not to think this wouldn’t have a lot of impact on the people involved - that saying goodbye to major characters can be simply taken in stride. On the other hand, by shooting it in sequence the RW felt super climactic and the goodbyes real. Thank you for replying to my ramblings. <3

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"“I left the set and went straight to the airport and got on a plane because I didn’t want to be there anymore,” Madden told the Daily News last year when the infamous “Rains of Castamere” episode appeared. Madden talked about what happened after he left the set in Belfast. “I was the crazy man on the flight crying the whole way to London,” he recalled. This time around, Benioff and Weiss made sure to shoot Gleeson’s schedule out of order. That way they could properly pay tribute to a popular cast member on his way out. The 21-year-old Irish actor has vowed to retire from acting and is now studying theology at Dublin’s renowned Trinity College.”

 - NY Daily News
“I’m quite a chatterbox. I could chat all day about my boyfriend, but when I see it in print there’s something that makes me feel shy all of a sudden.-Jenna Coleman(x)

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I’m churning out shortbutsmutty for the OTP.

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Richard Madden photographed by Richard Saker

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anyone can be killed

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The King and Queen in the North


The King and Queen in the North

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arya remembered now. i’ll be as strong as robb.

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